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Facebook Statuses About Animals
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hates all animal abusers...damn bastards should be beaten and jailed for life! or even better they should be shot!!!
I was on my dragon and suddenly, we were attacked by ninja penguins, wearing "I Love Barney" T-shirts!
Please help control the Human population: spay or neuter your humans.
knows I love my animals when I hear snoring away on my bed and I nudge my dog and say stop snoring! Lol, ha gotta love your animals ! Mine talks to me lol
and poop rainbows as they talk to the gnomes about the purple elephants
if you want true love, get a dog.
can not set status right now. because a gang of ninja penguins are slapping them with fish
If dogs and cats will give us unconditional love, why can't we do the same?! My animals are my life! STOP ANIMAL ABUSE! :(
When i see a hurt animal i want to go right up to the person that did that and hurt them till they cant feel any part of their body only the pain.
Pets make the best companions.They never argue or complain.No matter what you have to say, they keep listening.No matter what you do, they pass no judgements.
Facebook Statuses About Animals
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That's not a herd of elephants... that's just the cat running around upstairs.
Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole. They sense your sadness and cure it automatically. A cat purrs and it makes everything better! :)
It's great to be called "Mommy" even if they Bark or Meow !
Good my bed is made... WTF? My stupid dog has to mess it up!
Dogs, cats, and horses aren't the only animals that love. Have you ever looked into the heart of a cockatiel?
A shelter dog who is shy is not a reason for them to die! Please do not add to the problem, become part of the solution! ADOPT!
what do you get if you cross a Rottweiler and a Labrador...... a dog that scares the shit out of u and runs away with the toilet paper
police came past my door saying "Your dog was chasing somebody on a bike". I turned 2 them and said "You're bonkers. My dog doesn't own a god damn bike!"

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