Facebook Statuses About Animals

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Facebook Statuses About Animals
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loves the saying that dogs make more friends than human beings because they wag their tail and not their tongue - so very true!
If toast always lands butter-side down and cats always land on their feet, what would happen if you strapped the toast onto the cat's back and dropped it?
says Yes, I do talk to my pets like they're people. You got a problem with that?
Like this status tell me your pets name! :)
Once you have a dog, you never feel complete without one.
Every county should have a TNR program, people in the AC system who care, low to no cost spay and neutering programs and a law against idiots owning fur angels!
birdy birdy in the sky please don't drop a turdy in my eye
You know the true meaning of peace on the back of a horse. <3 <3 <3
Facebook Statuses About Animals
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"What do you do when you are riding a zebra there is a lion to your left, and a antelope to your right.....Get your drunk ass off the carousel...."
It's a shame People abuse Animals, they deserve just as much love as any human being does, Stop Animal abuse<3 <3
Only stupid people raise bad pit bulls...the dog isn't the one that needs to be put down its the stupid ass owner that needs to be put down!!!
Every home needs a dog and every dog needs a home!
I'M AGAINST ANIMAL ABUSE! put this on your profile if you are too
Some people believe animals have no soul. I believe people that live without an animal are missing their soul completely!
I wonder where Noah kept the woodpeckers...
You love your pets too much when you talk to them and call them your baby or yourself mommy.


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