Facebook Statuses About Animals

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Facebook Statuses About Animals
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why do dogs always act so surprised when they fart
Some of the very best friends I've ever had have 4 paws!
needs to learn how to sing to the animals so they will come clean my house too!
2 rats in a sewer, 1 says "i'm fuckin sick of it. shit 4 breakfast, shit 4 lunch & shit 4 tea". the other rat says cheer up, we'll go on the piss later
There are 20 fish in a pond. 7 fish drown. 9 fish died. How many are left ? Stop counting you idiot fish can't drown! :I
I'm going everywhere in a giant hamster ball...That's how I roll.
Did you know sharks will only attack you if your wet, IT'S A FACT
Fabio the Blue Unicorn and I are going with the purple penguins to take back the Magic Peanut Butter from the evil Green Hippos. Anyone want to come?
OMG! Did you see that unicorn?! It's horn was so... shiny!
Ever consider what our pets think of us?We return from the grocery store with chicken,fish,pig, half a cow.They must think we are the greatest hunters on earth.
Facebook Statuses About Animals
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one day when the ugly duckling tried to follow their mom swimming it drowned...because it was a chicken
Says So a rooster and a cat are walking by a pond. The rooster pushes the cat in and starts laughing. The moral of the story? any wet pussy makes a cock happy!
Pumas. They come from no-wheres.
Shhhhhhhh! Can't talk now, The squirrels are watching!
Your sitting there then all of a sudden SQUIRREL!!!
Animals give you unconditional love..
they is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are their life, their love, their leader. they will be yours, faithful and true,to the last beat of their <3
If you don't want dog or cat fur on your clothes, don't sit on the furniture. They live here, you don't!


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