When some person or event puts you into a rage, it is not necessarily all negative. Posting angry facebook statuses, especially on hot topics of the day, is a great way to get people talking. Angry facebook statuses should be used carefully in order to avoid giving offence. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of angry facebook statuses for you to choose from.

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Angry Facebook Statuses
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is tired of working their ass off to get NOWHERE!!!
has plenty of time, one hell of a memory and will eventually have the last laugh
thinks that when people call you a bitch turn round and show them how much of a bitch you are and give them a knuckle sand-witch
I don't play kid games, i play adult ones, the kind where the characters really do have bad things that happen to them, you sure you really wanna play?
Excuse me, that's not a high horse you're on there, it's a BIG mule, & when karma drop kicks you off of it I hope your face lands in a steaming pile of sh*t!:D
Don't fear me when I'm angry and yelling, fear me when I'm angry and quiet.
how is it that when people ask you what the problem is, they don't even realise it's them
What do you do when u see your ex running around bleeding in your back yard? Stay Calm, take a breath, and reload.
what doesn't kill me makes me stronger and with what I've been through, I'm the strongest fucking bitch you will ever meet.
you say your my friend but then bitch about me to others, and then they come and tell me they hate you. now who the one who as good friends. x <3
Angry Facebook Statuses
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BULLSHIT all u do is BULLSHIT !!!
I have watched every NCIS , CSI , and spin off ever made . I can kill u and make it look like a unicorn did it !!
Sticks and stones may break my bones but your cheap shot status shuffles make me laugh my fucking ass off at you, you stupid moron !
when you stand there trying 2 set me off is when I'm just gonna stand there all calm...that's when you should be worried n scared..its just the eye of the storm
Just as you take pleasure in being an asshole, I will take pride in being the person behind your downfall...
You are not me so there for you cant tell me how i feel so stop it!!! i don't have to put up with your shit and i wont!!! not ever again.
Lets see, me slam the door in you face, or have me slam your face in the door! Your choice. (i like the second one better)
~If you are not afraid of anything then why are you scared to say shit to my face? Are you scared of the truth or my foot kicking your ass??

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