Angry Facebook Statuses

When some person or event puts you into a rage, it is not necessarily all negative. Posting angry facebook statuses, especially on hot topics of the day, is a great way to get people talking. Angry facebook statuses should be used carefully in order to avoid giving offence. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of angry facebook statuses for you to choose from.

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Angry Facebook Statuses
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I'm angry and I don't give a shit. Not a good combination.
i did not hit u i just simply high 5ed ur face again and again and again so shuv it up ur f**king a**
thinks someone should start a group " twats r us " so i can sign some people up 4 a lifetime membership
One of these days, you'll go too far with the wrong person, and I'll stand there and watch and laugh. Don't start what you can't finish. Vengeance is sweet.
Going to the store to get some duct tape, rope, a shovel, gloves, trash bags and a large bag of'll find out why I need all of this later
is upset it takes so long to see a person's true colors... Not all friends have your best interest...
Isn't it funny how some people throw the word love around like chocolate sprinkles, but give them a chance to show it, and the sprinkles are just turds...
thinks it's crazy that when i try to be mad at u..u make me laugh again in 2 seconds. lol. (: u2665
is going crazy. Wanna come? Oh wait, you're driving me there!!!
I'll do what i want and you can go fuck yourself! Any confusion in that?
Angry Facebook Statuses
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dumb + dumb = stupid (x )by retarded = YOUR FACE... no need to check the answer it's been classified ... good working out by the way , that's a key question
Life is like a litter box, it's always full of shit
Have you ever had the type of day where no one has done anything wrong to you, yet you want to punch them in the face anyway? Yeah, I'm there.
is sick of being taken for granted. Since when does trying to be a good friend invite people to treat you like a freaking doormat???
knows a person who should be hit by bus!!!
listen... before you aggravate me or try to screw with me you might want to plan your funeral and pick out your pine-box.
I may seem lost without you but when shyt hits the fan you will be a phase no one will remember. :0)
why is people are keen to see what they think then why it Ur turn to speak they run out the door fucking childish dick head u need to grow up u are not always


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