Angry Facebook Statuses

When some person or event puts you into a rage, it is not necessarily all negative. Posting angry facebook statuses, especially on hot topics of the day, is a great way to get people talking. Angry facebook statuses should be used carefully in order to avoid giving offence. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of angry facebook statuses for you to choose from.

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Angry Facebook Statuses
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when you get mad at me for making a big deal about something, it's obviously important enough to the point where you should put yourself in my position...
I dont understand how anybody can feel sorry for an man who beat his wife, treated her like the worst scum shit ever, didnt work, because i got custody of kids
I'm a little bitter today, sorry if I offend anyone, but right now with the mood I'm in I really DON"T care.
Didn't see it with your own eyes? Didn't hear it with your own ears? Then DON'T INVENT IT WITH YOUR OWN MOUTH
If you think I'm mean I'm sorry..sorry that I'm the only one who is willing to tell you what I'm actually thinking and not telling you what you want to hear.
The only reason you are trying to ruin my life is because I have moved on and you cant have me anymore... Build a bridge and get the fuck over it!!!
would love to smack ALL those silly lurking bastards who tag "first" or click LIKE inappropriately on every post known to mankind!!
I love ass hole like you
Yeah, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Yeah, its cold outside, but its not as cold as you.
what pisses you off more? the fact that I'm happy or the fact that your not?!
Angry Facebook Statuses
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Now that you are finished making a total ass of yourself... Please stand in line for a nice hot cup of go fuck yourself! =)
some people say you should forgive and forget, but i depends what the bastard did!!
if the f*** up fairy visits their life again im going to deck the b***h !!! in a mood were everything pisses me off!
had a handle on life, but it broke
WARNING i can switch to bitch in less than 5 seconds.
I pity those who have yet to see me pissed off because I have remained calm until now!


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