When some person or event puts you into a rage, it is not necessarily all negative. Posting angry facebook statuses, especially on hot topics of the day, is a great way to get people talking. Angry facebook statuses should be used carefully in order to avoid giving offence. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of angry facebook statuses for you to choose from.

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Angry Facebook Statuses
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odhpmxpsme.tubuvt, http://www.tuuiqqxbhu.com zosznygqiw
arrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sometimes there's just no fuckin words
don't put yourself on a pedestal, there's always someone waiting to bitch slap you off it.
today has been the worst day ever...i feel like punching some 1 in the face...there's only 1 person who can make me feel better but that person just don't care!
I have tried being nice, now considering that doesn't work I'm going to go back to a cold hearted bitch that couldn't give a fuck for anyone!!!
don't you just hate it when people say they love you more a friend and next min they have a GIRL Cheat little bastard
hate liars, hate fakers, hate being disrespected if your part of any of those groups than get the hell out of my life
I'm not ignoring you, I'm just waiting for you to to realize your mistake and own up to it. If you can't do that, then there is nothing to say..
Why is it that someone else messes up and did something wrong, the innocent person seems to suffer the most?
Sometimes i just wanna punch someone
Angry Facebook Statuses
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Stop trying to criticize the way i live my life when your whole life is just one big epic fail!!!
needs front row seats for the karma that is coming round to smack u straight in the fuckin face!
...Has reached the point where they just doesn't give a sh*t anymore!
From this point on I'm going to treat people exactly how they treat me. Some should be glad. Others should be very scared. Karma's here and they's drunk!
Women, if they didn't have a vagina between there leg's there would be a bounty on there head
It is much easier to be Numb... at least then when someone tears out your heart, you wont feel it >(
is drinking this big glass of "FUCK IT"
hates it when your friends always pick up on the slightest thing you do and then they go off and do the exact same thing like wtf???

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