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Facebook Statuses Giving Advice
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dont hurt someone you hate . but please ! forgive them :)
Thinking now
I'm tired of hearing your annoying self
Live -LIfe Be Strong In Memory of Yvette Nunez Redd
Why are you so STUPID? Hurry up, you stupid BRAT! NO-ONE else will EVER want YOU! You're so UGLY! I HATE YOU! I wish you had NEVER been born! You're WORTHLESS! SHUT UP! You made me say it! It's all YOUR FAULT! Do you WANT me to HIT you?! Would YOU recognise this as EMOTIONAL ABUSE? Remember, you don't have to hit someone to hurt them. Share this if you have ever been a victim of emotional abuse. "Like" if you think no-one should ever be subjected to this mental torture.
Be there when people need you, because in order to have friends you must first be one.
Everything I need to know about life I learned from my dog: If you can't eat it, fight it, or fuck it; piss on it.
~*~Be grateful for what you have~*~Try not to dwell on what you don't have~*~And strive for what you want~*~
If you want somebody to learn from their mistakes...don't cushion their falls. We all need to feel rock bottom before we know we are there.
Don't be afraid of change, you may lose out on something good, but you might gain something even better.
Facebook Statuses Giving Advice
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"If you want to spend your life with happiness, listen the sorrow of unhappy people. You will not ever sad.! -" Syed Mustafa Faraz Ahmad
sαłαн sαтυ cıяı σяαηg yαηg мєη∂αραт нı∂αyαн " вαяαηgsıαρα yαηg ∂ı υjı łαłυ вєяsαвαя, ıα ∂ı вєяı łαłυ вєяsyυkυя. ∂ı ∂zσłıмı łαłυ мємααƒkαη ∂αη мєη∂zσłıмı łαłυ вєяısтıgƒнαя, мαkα вαgı мєяєkα α∂αłαн kєsєłαмαтαη ∂αη мєяєkα тєяgσłσηg σяαηg-σяαηg yαηg мємρєяσłєн нı∂αyαн ". [ ня αł вαıнαqı ] sσsıαł ρяσƒıłє ᵶᵭᵭᴱᴲ[ʍyy]
lifes to short for you to die. Well use it wisely because YOLO
No one is perfect, that's why pencils have erasers
True love does not mean you wont break up or separate, true love means you will always find a way to get together forever . Y@NNI ^v^
looks can be decieving so be careful
It is better to hurt others than to get hurt yourself....


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