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opening your own business
Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.
Everything happens for a reason.
No work fully enjoy.....
Why are you so STUPID? Hurry up, you stupid BRAT! NO-ONE else will EVER want YOU! You're so UGLY! I HATE YOU! I wish you had NEVER been born! You're WORTHLESS! SHUT UP! You made me say it! It's all YOUR FAULT! Do you WANT me to HIT you?! Would YOU recognise this as EMOTIONAL ABUSE? Remember, you don't have to hit someone to hurt them. Share this if you have ever been a victim of emotional abuse. "Like" if you think no-one should ever be subjected to this mental torture.
One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make in life is to allow what you couldn't archive yesterday stand in the way of what God wants to archive through you today.
In this world we are fated to endure sufferings, through emancipation from vanity and sin's, and also exercising our virtues such as patience and perseverance. because even though hindrances may come there's always a light at the end of a tunnel.
We are like the ship looking at the part of an iceberg where only eyes can see but forget to take a look what lies beneath the surface of it. We tend to judge on what we see and hear first before looking deeper and finding out that there are more than what meets the eye. Before we make decisions on what our senses gave us, always look at the big picture where the foundation of a man and its character is more than what we have in mind.
Nothing makes the past a sweeter place to visit than the prospect imminent of daydreaming.
What matters most was the undying spirit of affection against all odds. And its flowing like a wild honey through my veins that makes me define injustice without miscalculation.
The heart is not like a box that gets filled up, it's like a balloon it expands in size the more you love and also blown up if its too much.
Things are gonna be more complex and complicated if you let it be. Just take it easy and do it in the most understandable and right manner.
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I love you
beauty doesn't come from exterior only but from within your self.
materialistic quote


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