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Everything in life happens for a reason so live it, learn it, and love it. Use your smile to change the world, don't let the world change your smile!
When u have a place to go at the end of the day - that's HOME; when u have people to love - that's FAMILY; When u have BOTH - that's a BLESSING!
...silly me, tricks are for hoes ;)
says ,you meet people in your life that make you smile and feel happy for once and then all of a sudden ,its like they don't wanna know you :(
Just because you don't see anything happening, doesn't mean that God isn't working. The moment we pray, God sets the miracle into motion.
I don't know where my life is taking me right now, but along its path I'm going to enjoy every moment.x
Please don't tell me you're here for me. Don't tell me you care. You have proven to me that the words you speak are just lies.
You know you are truly in love when...
Don't hold back...tell the one you love how you truly feel. It's best to drop your pride for a minute then to live with regret forever. <3
I bought you a condom, I thought maybe while you're acting like a dick. You should dress like one.
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knows that Harry Potter isn't everything. But it's right up there with oxygen and breathing.
No matter what you're going through; there's always someone doing worst than grateful for what you have...
If you saw me in the back of a police car , what would you think i did to be put there ? ? (put your answers in the comment box v v v)
When i first met you, i thought you were just another boy... now your so much more, your my everything <3
I don't need a thousand "friends" near me, not a hundred around me, not even ten near me, but just one real friend who will stand by me.
they will chase u around 4 a while.But there is going 2 be a day when they is gonna stop and get over you, and at that moment,u will wish u let their catch you.
lets see....mutant cats riding elephants stormed into my tribal camp of emo racist frog people looking to steal the multi coloured thong of power
Dear Heavenly Father, please finish what You've begun in me. I yield all that I am to You so I can become the blessing You designed me to be. In Jesus' name.


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