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Life of addiction is a drug is high it self-mujasto
Please call bongane papa
I'm sure I have family out there, somewhere! Just never get in touch unless wanting something
I'll prefer weed for lunch - mujasto
My mind tastes like chocolate -mujasto
I am justice malapane
Books need your time boy - mujasto
Drugs are not for the weak
Good kush ain't cheap in sa - mujasto
I miss you lady g
i just want someone who holds me tight ,and keeps me safe and warm while i sleep, to make me feel loved, and never puts me down,honest man and careering soul and gentle
Though I am crazy but still know who I am
Schooling should become a responsibility to yo ass boy - mujasto
Never couch in winter while flue sick
Nothing is ours it's just a Job..... Today I learned v important lesson 1) Don't think everyone is like you. 2) Do not trust people. Because people change with situations. 3) just do your job and forget the rest. 4) Not everyone who claims to be you friend is your friend. 5) LET Go....... It's not worth the stress...
It kills me slowly when you are not around
I'm sure I have family out there, somewhere! Just never get in touch.....


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