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If only idiots could be erased from the face of the Earth. Unfortunately, this is impossible but stupid people Facebook statuses are a way to hit back at these fools. Stupid people Facebook statuses, provided they are witty and not too whiney, will get a great response. The only thing to beware of with stupid people Facebook statuses is not to harp on about this topic too much.
says that just because everyone is entitled to be stupid doesn't mean that you should abuse the privilege!!
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If a moron asks, "why are you talking to the wall?" I'm having a nice intelligent conversation, now go put your helmet on and mind your own business!!
Wow, i had no idea you were so stupid! Guess i shouldn't have judged a book by its over done cover... lol, j.k. You know i love ya! ;P
says that my amount of sarcasm is only proportionate to the amount of stupidity i am presented with
is it just me or do others have those days where you just think '..SERIOUSLY?'
Note to self " Ignore all stupidity, and Do NOT act on any urges to STAB SOMEONE!..unless you have a predetermined unnoticeable spot to hide the bodies
next time you say shit about me make sure you get your facts straight and not talk about your self dumbfuck
was in a store buying pants. I put them on the counter. Lady says "You gonna buy those?" "Nope gonna steal them, just wanna let you see them before I do"
Just because your mouth has the ability to open doesn't mean you should let it!
I'd love to smack the hell out of a certain person right now!!! Not only will I feel better, but maybe, JUST maybe, I'll be able to smack some sense into them!
here are random words your pig pants pig fell pig down pig you pig idiot pig =D <Stupid people always get it the 2nd time LMAO !!
Dear Lord~ If you can't make stupidity hurt, please make assault legal. Thank you!
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