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If only idiots could be erased from the face of the Earth. Unfortunately, this is impossible but stupid people Facebook statuses are a way to hit back at these fools. Stupid people Facebook statuses, provided they are witty and not too whiney, will get a great response. The only thing to beware of with stupid people Facebook statuses is not to harp on about this topic too much.
says that just because everyone is entitled to be stupid doesn't mean that you should abuse the privilege!!
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i hate it when someone does something that they think you don't know what their doing but you do.and they try to act like your stupid. make sense?
thinks its dumb how people think the world's going to end in 2012 because of the movie, I watched Harry Potter and you don't see me applying for Hogwarts!
Roll Roll Roll your blunt twist it at the end. lite it up and take a puff and pass it to your friends!
thinks its stupid when someone says "it was in the last place i looked" well i hope because if you found it and kept looking YOUR RETARDED!!!
Book smart people make good grades in school and picked up on stuff real easy...but when it comes to COMMON SENSE they seem DUMB as a rock most of them anyway.
If you don't know the whole story just ask !!! don't take sides on assumption,
I know SOMEBODY who drank a little too much stupid juice for breakfast this morning. .
We should all vote for a tax on complete morons and stupid people, it could change this country. who's with me?
If you run into one idiot a day, they are most likely an idiot. But if you run into more than one idiot a day, you are most likely the idiot..
People who cannot accept responsibility for their actions are to be pitied since they will never learn from their mistakes and are destined to repeat them
has this feeling today is gonna be one of those "Here's your sign" kinda days. :D
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