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It is fair to say that sex is a huge preoccupation for the majority of people on this Earth. That's why Facebook statuses about sex always get a big response from readers. Of course, not everyone appreciates the same level of detail in sex Facebook statuses, so you should be wary of offending people with over-graphic or coarse sex Facebook statuses.

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if you have sex doggy style - does that mean you have puppies?
A full week is like sex, foreplay M-F, then the fast/quickie weekend, followed by the awwwww of disappointment on Monday.
condom says to Tampax"you put me outta business for 1 week a month." Tampax says to condom "if you don't do your job i loose mine for 9 months."
is wondering.... if a bulldog shagged a shitsu and they had babies.... would the outcome be... 'bullshit'... ?
" My pussy is like candy. Everybody wants it." ex bf says "No. Your Pussy is like candy because it's cheap and everybody can have it."
is wondering: Do doggies ever do it people-style?
Is wondering what sex on bubble wrap would be like hmmmmmm :-P
want to learn about sex,Sex is a SENSATION caused by TEMPTATION were a boy sticks their LOCATION in a girls DESTINATION
they say t follow your heart an u will get to were u want to be well i say FOOOOOOK THAT SHIT tryed that dint work no am guna follow ma cock c were that gets me
needs to get laid..and i dont mean like lets make love..I mean fuck like a porn star till it hurts ! :P
Quote of the day ~ "Every man wants a proper lady in public, a gourmet chef in the kitchen and a naughty girl in the bedroom."
quit poking me...if you want a shag just ask ;)
ever noticed how boys always love BEFORE sex, and girls AFTER?
when you called me a bitch i smiled and said thank you for calling me a Beautiful Individual That Causes Hard-on's. :)
damn right I'm good in bed, i can pull moves you wouldn't believe, there's: the fart, burp, snore, talk in my sleep, the roll over and the steal all the doona.
I haven't had sex in eight months. To be honest, I now prefer to go bowling.
A guy knows when a relationship is serious when they realize that they're sleeping with just one girl... And they're OK with it.<33
if theirs no sex in heaven IM NOT GOING!!!!!


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