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It is fair to say that sex is a huge preoccupation for the majority of people on this Earth. That's why Facebook statuses about sex always get a big response from readers. Of course, not everyone appreciates the same level of detail in sex Facebook statuses, so you should be wary of offending people with over-graphic or coarse sex Facebook statuses.

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Did you know the number one cause of teen pregnancy is sex?
your so sexy you drive me insane. i love you so much my heart is in pain. your sexy voice puts me to slumber. Awh SHIT wrong number!
Who's guilty? A wife dreaming shouts, "Quick my husband's back!" The man gets out of bed jumps out the window then realizes, "Damn it, I AM the husband!"
I'm so good that when I'm done, the neighbors have a cigarette! lol
What's UP?..uHM...Gas prices,Inflation,kites,hard dicks and helicopters..
You can have sex at 16, but cant watch it til you're 18, so what you supposed to do? Do it with your eyes shut?!
I guess "my dick" was the wrong answer...
Using an electric toothbrush is like using a vibrator...can you really go back to manual once you've used electric?? :P
I want u here, in my bed, under the covers, in the dark so I can show u my new glow in the dark ring! fuck that! get a condom and get your ass over here now! ;)
Keep smiling. It makes every one wonder what you did last night
bad way to talk to the kids about sex.. Sex is GREAT.. the best ever!!
Mom said, if I could dream it...I could do it. I dreamt of you last night, so...what time should I come over?
3...4 we're on the floor
you can do it put your back into it, I can do it put your ass into it,don't stop get it get it don't stop hit it.
Big tits are like power windows in a new car. Sure they're great, but as long as I have something to roll down, I'm good ;) - The Ass Man
<--- Remember that name! You'll be screaming it later! ;)
Love-able, cuddable, sex-able, flexible, I'm just so damn incredible.
No, no I can't be bothered to talk about my problems. Do you wanna have sex instead?


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