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Sadly, many of us are prone to depression and mood swings, but depression Facebook statuses can be a clever way to turn a depressive mood around. Provided they are posted sparingly, Facebook statuses about depression generally win sympathy from friends and acquaintances, so you should make use of depression Facebook statuses as a way of getting attention from others and therefore cheering yourself up.
"It sometimes takes a perfect storm to guide us to peace & happiness."
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Don't you hate it when your mate gets into trouble and it was all your fault, after you fell like shit
there's nothing better than laying here, waiting for you to call me. Then as i doze off, i hate to wake up and check the caller i-d and get all depressed :(
I used to look on the bright side,, but my light bulb burnt out...
It's amazing how much pain you hold inside without letting anyone know you're hurting. Just when i thought I couldn't be even more depressed, I get proved wrong
do u ever just get one of them days were u want to cry but u don't know why, all u know is it will help u..
Why do I even bother, no matter what I do I am still invisible to you=(*
It's hard to say that I will be complete,
wants to know. Am I ever gonna be good enough?
when i say "I'm Fine" it means I need a hug, but the thing is nobody really cares.
hides the pain behind a smile, cause that's true strength! Get hurt and never show it, or the world will always get ya down.
have you ever felt so alone it hurts? That's how I feel now. :(
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