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Sadly, many of us are prone to depression and mood swings, but depression Facebook statuses can be a clever way to turn a depressive mood around. Provided they are posted sparingly, Facebook statuses about depression generally win sympathy from friends and acquaintances, so you should make use of depression Facebook statuses as a way of getting attention from others and therefore cheering yourself up.
"It sometimes takes a perfect storm to guide us to peace & happiness."
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wonders how many tears have to fall before things start getting better???
It's sad when the only thing keeping you alive is because you know you are not worth the funeral cost </3
How many smiles do you have to fake before you break down crying?
Sometimes people tell you to keep holding on. But what happens when there's nothing left to hold on to?
people don't see the pain in my eyes
My life really sucks today. Not regular-run-of-the-mill suckiness, but "over the top, really, truly, wildly, can't believe how much this sucks" sucks.:(
Sleep hides the pain, when pain let's you sleep...then you wake up
Sometimes, it's just hard to smile. :|
Thought I was headed down the right road till I came to a dead end again
It sucks when the person you want is not there and you just want to break down and cry into their arms...
One of these days, I will find out the real reason I am here...
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