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Sadly, many of us are prone to depression and mood swings, but depression Facebook statuses can be a clever way to turn a depressive mood around. Provided they are posted sparingly, Facebook statuses about depression generally win sympathy from friends and acquaintances, so you should make use of depression Facebook statuses as a way of getting attention from others and therefore cheering yourself up.
"It sometimes takes a perfect storm to guide us to peace & happiness."
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I'm done putting everyone else as a priority in my life, when I'm only an option in theirs. :/
I find no resolution in how I feel right now I am just slipping away slowly. Would like to hit the rewind button and start my life over again.
To the person that said time fixes all pain what drugs were you on ?
Did you ever have an "I don't know" moment. You don't know where you to get there...were you are coming from...what to do or worst what to think?
puts on their happy face... but if you truly know me you would see the pain on the inside tearing me apart...
sometimes life just hurts..
You tear my heart to pieces then ask why I am falling apart
says maybe I always post/say the funny shit just to make me feel better.
If you down turn around find a gun on the ground cock it put it to your brain and pop it
I realize now that I owe the world nothing. I can no longer worry about making sure everyone is happy. Doing so is slowly killing me inside.
Life's a bitch and then you die..oh well, at least it ends well.
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