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Sadly, many of us are prone to depression and mood swings, but depression Facebook statuses can be a clever way to turn a depressive mood around. Provided they are posted sparingly, Facebook statuses about depression generally win sympathy from friends and acquaintances, so you should make use of depression Facebook statuses as a way of getting attention from others and therefore cheering yourself up.
"It sometimes takes a perfect storm to guide us to peace & happiness."
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just feels like crying and doesn't know why but the feeling refuses to leave their alone.
Its not a matter or have much more i can take, I've had all that i can take... Now its a matter of how much more i will put up with =(
some days you doubt everything everyone says to you, other days you doubt even yourself, the trick is to find one day where everything is possible and hold on
you'll miss me like i missed you,
Each day, I die a little more inside. The pain is excruciating. I don't know how much longer i can take it.:(
I must do a real good job of hiding my sadness. Because every day deep down I'm thinking about you and missing you. It tears me apart inside.
i just really want to be able to tell ppl when something is wrong even after ive acted like im okay. im not okay, havent been for awhile and wont be for awhile
I've never missed anyone as much as I'm missing you right now :(
needs their fast forward button to work so all this will pass by quickly with just a blurry picture and high pitched squeaky noise
Sometimes you just have to walk away and not look back. But I cant. Walking away, means leaving you behind. I can't do that, because. I love you.
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