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Sadly, many of us are prone to depression and mood swings, but depression Facebook statuses can be a clever way to turn a depressive mood around. Provided they are posted sparingly, Facebook statuses about depression generally win sympathy from friends and acquaintances, so you should make use of depression Facebook statuses as a way of getting attention from others and therefore cheering yourself up.
"It sometimes takes a perfect storm to guide us to peace & happiness."
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Is so bored I may take up an eating disorder. Just for something to focus on for awhile!
I always tell myself, That everything will be okay. Because I know that everything has happened for a reason. </3
Sometimes I don't wanna be better...Sometimes it's gone forever...Sometimes I can't be put back together...Sometimes it's gone forever...
my mom once told me that every good guy is destroyed by one girl - i never believed their until the girl of my dreams ripped my heart out
i can't say anything,,huftt i just wanna say 'i love you'..oops!
Today is a little harder than most...tears are heavy today and i just miss you so much...I Love You Mom!!
"Life is not about how many times you fall down. It's about how many times you get back up." - Jaime Escalante
Wonders why I even speak sometimes,when my words go unheard?
It doesn't matter who it is, they all stab you in the back eventually.
I'm starting to feel more and more distant as the days pass in front of my eyes...but I can't explain why.
is having one of those days when I'm so glad to know that Jesus loves me. With that in mind, everything else will be okay.
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