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Let's make this happens in the near future for the pure honest people!
You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb. - Andrew Carnegie
What do you call a fat psychic? A four chin teller.
That awkward moment when someone you like talks to you and all you can do is smile like an idiot.
Grammar is important! Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your Uncle jack off a horse.
Some people deserve to get eggs thrown at them. Brick shaped eggs... Made of bricks.
A girl is happiest when she knows you make her your everything. In front of everyone.. every time
Nyari duwit di mana ni buat bayar UAS???? hufttttttt,pusing,.!!!
You are my idea of beautiful.
Instead of calling it the John, I call my bathroom the Jim. That way I can say I go to the Jim every morning.
i Gived You Every Thing You Want!! But You Don'T Deserve That
That gangsta feeling when you rap your favorite song without messing up.
Good night friends..
Rihanna Should Date Lebron James.. He Never Beats Anyone . and they both got the same forehead!
You know you're all grown up when you actually pick up the ice cube instead of kick it under the fridge.


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