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you have 2 cheeks and 1 ~Judge Judy~
I woke up in the best mood and smiling, until Monday bitch slapped me back to reality. Dammit, why does the weekend go so fast?
The Past is the Past & it's that way for a reason, so don't regret what u left behind cuz if it was worth it, it would be with u now & not a distant memory!!
is laying on their bed with tears streaming down their cheeks wondering what went wrong and playing the whole thing through their head. why did i fall for you?
What's the hardest part of going through a sex change procedure??? Getting the cheese to smell like tuna
You fell in love with me because of the person I am, you now expect me to become the person you want me to be, and I can't do that, not even for you. Sorry. : (
really? Just... really?
Oh, I'm sorry... was i acting like I didn't care? Maybe you should try again and I'll see if you'll finally get the point!
And I mean the but not the credits in the movie
to do list: play hide and go seek with oompa loompas, go to Narnia, get flying lessons from Harry Potter, and go blow bubbles with Spongebob
Karma is a damn right bitch...
Is happy because they finished a puzzle in 1 day but the box says 3-4 years I feel so smart!:)
WARNING: May trip suddenly over nothing at all
; if you see a person riding a tricycle around the block singing"I'm a big kid know" than its me don't worry!
says that if you want to play games, then by all means, lets play. but just a friendly reminder...ive been playing this game alot longer than you and i WILL win
Yul can talk behind my back anytime you want to .(: but ill be behind you smiling and laughing.!! hahahaha(: And Also be mature! thanks!
wishes I was a little kid "again" when Christmas was exciting and not expensive !


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