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Heading to bed, so I can wake up in the morning, have some much needed coffee & wait for the house to clean itself... Good night Facebook!
Truth is, there'll always be emotional pain, and there'll always be people who cause you pain... you just have to find the ones that are worth going through it.
I know you don't like me, but news flash...I wasn't put here to please you bitch!
My bitch-wire has been tripped, consider yourself warned.
Guy and a blonde are at drive-in movies makin out. they says "Hey baby you wanna get in the back?" The blonde says "Nooooo I wanna stay up here with you. "
single is the best thing in life till the right one comes
Alright, I'll let you in on this. I'm a bookworm and i admit it proudly. Take it or leave it. If you take it, wonderful, if you don't, well, that's your fault.
wears their heart on their sleeve. Yes this may cause me a lot of heartache but I believe the compassion & love I give outweighs the pain I always seem to overcome.
we r we r SO bored dun dun dun we r we r so bored dun dun dun
hey i like your door :)
You know that ur addicted to Facebook when u tear up and say "good-bye" rite before u log out of ur page.xD
love is but a journey to life
you're more to me than anyone else <3
Forgive someone and you will discover that that person has virtually no power to hurt you anymore.
I am not high maintenance, just because I want botox, liposuction,a boob job, butt lift, lip injections and fillers, teeth whitened, Gee, give me a break.
for you to know true love you must first know God's love...
Don't think your perfect mate. coz your really not!
Is smiling shyly and kissing you tenderly Very softly and very sweetly Caressing your lips with mine and letting a little bit of who i am melt into your soul<3
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