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There is a point in a friendship where your friends aren't friends anymore, but become family instead <3
Never ignore a person who loves you and cares for you. One day you may realise you've lost the moon while counting the stars.
says, "I love my family. They may be crazy, but they are mine. "
Forgiveness is just a key to opening one door and looking forward to the future. Forgetting is just another key to lock the door behind you to forget the past.
friends are the family you wish you had. family's are just the pain in the asses that you wish would go away. so don't shit and wish at the same time.
Past or present problems in your life should not be excuses for how you live your life today.
wakey wakey, Rise and shine, Drop ya cocks and pull up ya socks its breakfast time. LOL, Good Morning People hope yous have a great day. xxx
Words are more powerful than any sword & can cut twice as deep
Boredom is dangerous...It usually ends with a statement like "Hey y'all, Watch this shit!" and "Ouch!"
Who would win in a fight Harry Potter or Edward?
is fed up with dreams. they needs the real thing
A real step-parent doesn't call their step-kids "step children". They call them "my kids" and treat them as they would treat their own!!
Don't ever judge me till you know what Ive been through.. your not exactly perfect are you!
Things will never be the will never make sense...A pain so deep it will never heal...Taken too soon
How do you know a blonde tried to commit suicide???
Joy=J- Jesus O- Others Y- You Always put Jesus first and then others. Put yourself last but also remember your relationship with Jesus will bring others.
Your not just my best Friend, your the peanut butter to my jelly, your the pop to my tart, and the apple to my pie!! I love you.. <3


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