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In your phone go to new message, put it on predictive text mode,then cover your screen and type in 4156831968, then look at the screen <3
OK life, you are handing us plenty of lemons, but no TEQUILA
Give thanks to our Australian Defence Force Members - you make us so proud protecting those in need both overseas and more so now in Australia, we honour youxx
If you want to say something behind my back then say it to ma face next time until then jog on prick
You can polish a turd and make it shine, but it will still be nothing but a turd.
You tell me to forget and move on.I'm sorry, It may be easy for you. But it isn't that easy for me.
I'm not a muggle...I'm just magically challenged!!
To the one who hurt me, fuck you. To the one I hurt, I'm sorry. To the one I love, I'll love you always. To all of you, thank you for teaching me how to love.
3.Type Japan as the start location.
Did you know that if you go to bed and dream about someone, they went to bed thinking about you? Bet you didn't know that did ya?
says, good morning to everyone.. have a nice day and may God Bless Us All!
says, "If I had to walk my treadmill to keep the laptop going I'd be super-skinny in no time ;-b"
Do the thing that scares you and never regret it.
i am looking for myself by myself but i can't find myself and YES i looked under the cheese but I'm not there. anybody willing to help me look for myself?
Tired. Cranky. Unreasonable. Not the kids...ME. Sending myself to my room..Nighty Night ya'll!
Do not interrupt me when I'm concocting evil schemes or i will bite you.


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