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Lets see who actually knows me? 1)First Name? 2)Middle Name (spell it right)? 3)Age? 4)B-day? 5)Eye colour? 6)Nickname? 7)Fave colour? 8)Fave Sport? Don't ever change yourself for someone. If they don't appreciate the way you are, find someone who will. like if you agree \h2665
Who needs hugz from other ppl when i have a neat little jacket that allows me to hug myself its in my room made of pillows
i thought i wanted a knight in shinning armor on white horse when really i wanted a boy in boots on a 4wheeler
a dumb blonde, a smart blonde & Santa are falling out of the sky... who hits the ground 1st?
Please lord as you know today is one of those days I need you to help carry me through the day and know tomorrow will be a better one with you beside me.
Love me or hate me, both are in my favor..If you love me, I'll always be in your heart..If you hate me, I'll always be in your mind ~Shakespeare~
says most girls are made of sugar and spice but my girls are made of vodka and ice
"A man is not where they lives, but where they loves"-Latin proverbs
Why don't we just come and sit for a while and talk About Your problems... OH WAIT That's right... I DON"T CARE!!
Plan and simple you don't like me get the fuck over it. Your a nasty skanky whore, but ur not pretty enough.
KARMA is a BITCH, and when the Bitch bites, IT bites ya ass hard !
Doesn't need to Goggle anymore! I have a daughter that knows everything!! Nicki Minaj: pink hair.. Katy Perry: blue hair.. Rihanna: red hair & Lady Gaga: green hair..The Power Rangers have officially returned
If you wake up on Christmas day too find you're stocking has gone it's coz Santa's nicked it for a posh Wank lol
is going to spend lunch today messing with people, sitting in my car with sunglasses on, pointing the hairdryer at speeding cars to see if they slow down.
has just been told i have an attitude problem...well guess what, my attitude has a problem with you
Why do I care so much about you when its obvious you could care less about me...
Dear Santa, Let me explain! See what happened was, well see it went like this, uh, one day I was, uh, dang, I'm getting coal huh?


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