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When something or someone deals you a life lesson, did you consider that such momentous events could be turned into attention-grabbing life lesson Facebook statuses? Unfortunately, many people are passing up the opportunity to post life lesson Facebook statuses, but those who do post on these topics say that the response they get from life lesson Facebook statuses fully justifies the postings.
You should never depend on others to complete you, you should complete yourself that way you will never be disappointed!
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Value the people who value you most, & forget about the people who don't care about you. Believe me, they're not worth having you.
Help others where and when you can, for someday it may be your turn to receive that help! When it comes your turn embrace it with gratefulness & humanity.
True forgiveness is far greater than holding a grudge. Grudges only hurt those who hold onto them.
When looking at someone don't look at just the outward appearance for as time fades so does youth. But look at whats inside for that will never fade...
will never change who I am. Staying true to who I am makes me the woman I have become. I have accepted my imperfections & my life is only what I make of it!
Trust is the greatest gift anyone can ever give you and the hardest thing to get back once it has been broken!
Life throws you a thousand chances ...all you have to do is take one!
The future is what you make it, so make it better by forgetting the past!
people are always going to hurt you, you just have to decide which ones are worth the pain, and when you've had enough!!
thinks mistakes should not be called mistakes, it is learning lessons that life throws at us. It's only a mistake when we don't learn from it the first time.
Anything worth a damn ain't easy to get; anything easy to get ain't worth a damn.
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