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While happiness is ultimately the goal that we all seek, it can be very hard to find. However, posting Facebook statuses about happiness should bring at least a small amount of happiness, in the form of increased activity. Happiness Facebook statuses are very common but, if you are at all stuck for fresh ideas, we have lots of new happiness Facebook statuses on this website.
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You don't need to do everything just to be happy. You just need to take care of the people who are making you happy
~past my eyes and beyond my dreams is the place where my soul sings~
Life is like a camera. . so face it with a SMILE :)
No matter how far apart we are... ill wait for you. forever if I have to. Because, you are the one i love the most.. Your my Number 1#..
Money sure doesn't buy happiness, but its easier to cry in a porshe than on a bike.
The most beautiful thing in my day
Happiness isn't having a lot, its being content with what you have!
You know you are truly in love when...
Perfect life is found in contentment, with the things you have, from the love you give, and from faith in God who gives you everything.
If it makes you happy then go for it. Fuck what anyone else has to say about it!
you are with that person, hours feel like seconds.
6 Rules to be Happy:
They say you can't buy happiness, but that's a lie. You can buy happiness, you just need a prescription.
The best feeling of happiness is when you're happy because you've made somebody else happy
Doing what you want is freedom; liking what you do is happiness.
Go ahead :) TRY to wipe the smile off my face :)
Life's short, forget your problems, be happy, and live your life because you never know if there will be another tomorrow. :)
is loving the AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW moments in life. It really is the little things!
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