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Being confused is not a very good state to be in, but it does have quite a bit of comic value. Confused Facebook statuses are generally quite successful in generating a few laughs and “likes”. For this reason you can post confused Facebook statuses from time to time. We have plenty of these confused Facebook statuses for you to choose from.
is confused... I'm not sure why I'm confused but i am confused about being confused... and that makes me more confused... is that confusing or what?
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When you have something you really love but it cause you so much problems and pain, is it either the universe telling you to leave it or testing you to hold it?
Is off to buy a tube of smarties.. because apparently.. Smarties have the answer!
Sometimes... what's left unsaid... speaks the please just say it and stop me from guessing.
Sitting on the fence still determining which side is greener
I really don't get what they mean "i can't even hear myself think!". i mean, you're not supposed to hear urself think!! that's why you do it instead of talking!
Has so many things running through my mind right now that Google can't even help!
Sometimes life has to get more complicated before it can get simpler
On the outside I smile like I'm fine, but on the inside my heart is crying and my head is screaming.."whataya want from me" ?
with all the mistakes I've made in life and all the lessons I've learnt,why cant i learn how not to make the same mistakes time and time again?
When they was starting to think everything was coming together... it fell apart
everything happens 4 a reason .. but sometimes i just have no f@#kin idea what the reason is!!
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