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Being confused is not a very good state to be in, but it does have quite a bit of comic value. Confused Facebook statuses are generally quite successful in generating a few laughs and “likes”. For this reason you can post confused Facebook statuses from time to time. We have plenty of these confused Facebook statuses for you to choose from.
is confused... I'm not sure why I'm confused but i am confused about being confused... and that makes me more confused... is that confusing or what?
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If you could see yourself through my eyes you would know EXACTLY why I love you... If I could see myself through yours I might know why you don't love me back.
feels like I'm in a maze, every time I turn a corner & think it's almost over, I run into a wall.
It's hard to care for a person when u know one more step forward will make u fall in love with them & one step back will ruin your friendship with them
That pain you feel: that's life. The confusion and fear: that's there to remind you that somewhere out there is something better and that is worth fighting for.
Not know whether or not if you want either- Me
wishes life was more simple..
wants to do something but doesn't want to wreck something... but if i don't i don't want to regret not doing it
The best thing that you can do in life is follow your heart. Take risks. Don't just take the safe and easy choices because your afraid of what might happen.
We stick to whats comfortable, not whats right. Change can be scary for anyone. And adapting to something new, seems like it takes longer each time you do it.
wishes they knew exactly what was going on in their head... even if it is was only for a day
Sometimes I really just don't know what to say, because what I really want to say is something that I just can't say.
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