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Being confused is not a very good state to be in, but it does have quite a bit of comic value. Confused Facebook statuses are generally quite successful in generating a few laughs and “likes”. For this reason you can post confused Facebook statuses from time to time. We have plenty of these confused Facebook statuses for you to choose from.
is confused... I'm not sure why I'm confused but i am confused about being confused... and that makes me more confused... is that confusing or what?
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And just when I thought everything was going well...
Why does life seems like a roller coaster..One day you up and the next day you down. and the next day you just stuck in the middle and so confused..WHY
just wishes they knew where they stands with you. Giving me a clue as to how you feel about me would help...
Feels like coloring outside the lines today.
Wishes i could tell you what i am thinking...but i just can't seem to find the right words.
I think therefore I am confused.
I have no idea what is going to happen in the future, but I'm proud of myself and the strong person that I've become. With that, my future looks bright!
has decided... that my heart and my head are two faced bitches and they need to quit arguing because my tear ducts are starting to lose the fight.
Too many emotions I don't know what to do!!!
I'm at a crossroad, i look left, i look right, and i look forward, yet trying so hard to keep myself from looking back and see the pain all over again.
can't find a status that suits their mood because their mind is just so muddled up right now!
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