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When a romance hits the buffers with a vengeance, it can be a heartbreaking time. Yet such turmoil does have its upside, believe it or not. Breakup Facebook statuses are an unbeatable conversation starter. Sob story Facebook statuses about breakup details will get those “like” buttons busy, so you should start churning out breakup Facebook statuses when you get the chance!
You used to talk to me everyday we used to play around but now everything changed you don't say the things you used to say and now I don't feel right :(
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You have other girlfriends, go crawl into one of there beds tonight and think about how you just lost the best thing that ever happened to you
That akward moment you have when you first see your ex.
knows one day you'll realize that what you threw away wasn't trash...but a neglected treasure.
u made me smile, feel like I'm da only girl in da world,made me feel safe, u made my life,u cared bout me ! but i dont give a fuck becuz were not 2gether :(
Trust is gone...move on!
Don't worry about me falling in love with you again, i built a bridge and got over it
one day u Will cry 4 me like i cried 4 u.
I may not have anyone lying NEXT to me at night, but at least I don't have anyone lying TO me either.
says: You can say you love me over and over again but your actions speak louder than those need to learn what love truly means!
you fucked in your bed, now lay in the wet spot
Blood is red, Bruises are blue, This is what you'll look like, When I'm done with you
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