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When a romance hits the buffers with a vengeance, it can be a heartbreaking time. Yet such turmoil does have its upside, believe it or not. Breakup Facebook statuses are an unbeatable conversation starter. Sob story Facebook statuses about breakup details will get those “like” buttons busy, so you should start churning out breakup Facebook statuses when you get the chance!
You used to talk to me everyday we used to play around but now everything changed you don't say the things you used to say and now I don't feel right :(
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And every once in a while I break down and cry because I realise we will never be the way we were before...I miss you
Someday you'll cry for me like i cried for you, you'll miss me like I missed you, you'll need me like I needed you, and you'll love me but I won't love you
Your gonna look back on the one day and say, "dang, that girl really did love me"
all this time i just look back at the happiness i had with you and think "wtf did i do to push you away" </3
I tried my very hardest to make it work. I put everything i had into it. Turns out, you didn't even try to make it work my everything couldn't cover both of us.
and a "fuck you" attitude
Maybe, someday, i just might forgive you.
remember that time you said you would never give up on me? because you loved me too much? what happened to that?
behind every girl there is a dumb ass boy that did her wrong, bet he never knew he was what made her strong <3
"I don't hate you... I just wanna tie you naked to a post and drop you waist deep in a tank full of Snapping Turtles" :)
Sadness leaves us behind.. Anger traps us.. Laughter helps us move forward...
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