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Let’s face it, posting bad stuff about your boyfriend will always get a significant reaction on Facebook, so boyfriend facebook statuses are an extremely effective method of getting activity on your timeline. If you say something insulting in your boyfriend facebook statuses, you may get into trouble, but the trick is to post positive and negative boyfriend facebook statuses in equal measure.
says don't fall in love with someone you can't live without, fall in love with someone who can't live without you!
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Its nice to hear the words I love you, its even better when they show you how much!
I'm missing you because your not here with me. i want to kiss you because I'm not right now. i want you to hold me tight because i feel safe with you. <3
Isn't it funny how even when I am having the worst day ever, just hearing your name makes my day?<3
i love how we talk for hours about nothing :P :)
you have prince charming, i have a country boy. your hearts broken, mines in love with a dirty farm boy! lifes not a fairytale so get yourself in the real world
your a no good ass hole who needs to learn what they wants in life drugs or a girl pick one
Girl; Prove it Scream it to the world
when i i first met u i didn't know i would like you like this and when i started liking you i didn't know i would love you like this
When i look into your eyes i see something different..Different than the others.
I love you, but I don't have to like you right now and honestly sometimes when your asleep, i look at you and think about how it would feel to strangle you
Guys gene - 'Just to piss us off I'm gonna be a dick and when you get pissed off it's not my fault'
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