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I will always be there for you bestest friend in the whole wide world!!! I luv ya~~~
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thinks Best friends are like diamonds precious and rare but fake friends are like leaves they're everywhere
as your'' FRIEND'' I'm happy for you , but as '' me'' I'm in tears, riped apart and feel totally defeated </3
Your there for me you give me a shoulder to cry on we stick together through thick and thin your mine for life and i just want to say i love you sis/wife <3
Your there when i need you, your there when i need help... your there for me always...your like my unbiologicall sister :)
friends knock on my door... but my best friends walk in like they own the place and make themselves at home!
It's amazing when 2 strangers become best friends; but it's sad when 2 best friends become strangers.
love remembering the funny,awesome,fun, UN-forgettable,amazing , best-est,super-duper great,happiest, & random-est memories with Ur best friend! GOOD TIMES<3 (:
u cry , i cry,
Friends are God's way of apologizing for family... I knew there was a reason I loved you guys so much.
we r best friends 4 Eva because you've always got my back through thick and thin. I love my best friends <3
A friend bails you out of jail a best friend sits beside saying "I thought we had that...when we get out lets try it again!"
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