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When you wind up your social networking for the night, why not post bedtime facebook statuses? You can round off the day with something meaningful or funny. Bedtime facebook statuses will work while you sleep, so that when you log on again first thing in the morning, there should be plenty of new activity. We have heaps of great bedtime facebook statuses here for you to choose from.
I will always be there for you bestest friend in the whole wide world!!! I luv ya~~~
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when your hurt a friend would ask whats wrong,a best friend would grab a shotgun and become the Manhunter!
I have a fiend that is a listener, a friend that is down for whatever, and a friend that knows exactly what I need...who could ask for anything better!!!
A friend may not last forever, but a best friend will last forever.
We Best Friends <3 You cry,I cry You hurt,I hurt You laugh, I laugh You smile,I smile You jump off a bridge, I'm going to miss you!
B.F.F.A.F.L.D.L.W.D.Y.T Best friends forever and for life duh loser what did you think!!!
Is thankful that they has a friend who sticks with their through it all. No matter what happens, you've always been here for me. I <3 my unbiological sister. :)
Yeah my sisters my best friends so what!
you cant be "best friends" with everybody
Just cause I'd rather have just a few good friends than a bunch of fake ones does NOT make me a loner
100 memories, 200 jokes, 300 great times, 400 secrets, one reason,-they are, loud,random,funny, and gorgeous, they're my best friends! <3"
your best friend may be a complete moron but you still love them!
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