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When you wind up your social networking for the night, why not post bedtime facebook statuses? You can round off the day with something meaningful or funny. Bedtime facebook statuses will work while you sleep, so that when you log on again first thing in the morning, there should be plenty of new activity. We have heaps of great bedtime facebook statuses here for you to choose from.
I will always be there for you bestest friend in the whole wide world!!! I luv ya~~~
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Real friends aren't there to tell you what you want to hear; They're there to tell you what you should hear.
I love my best friends even tho they are random, crazy and a little retarded so its no wonder how they manage to put up with me love all my best mates millions
You can walk up to any friend and give them a hug, but you can run up behind a best friend and lick them in public without them even flinching!
TO MY GIRLS! we all have our bad days, and we all have our good days but when i have my good days its because i got my girls with me:) LUV U GIRLS!
You were suppose to be my best friend but yet u sleep with them.</3
Never underestimate the power of a smile, it can ease someones pain in less than a second
when your sitting there upset.A friend will be with you trying to cheer you up.A best friend will come along with a gun and say 'who's head am i blowing of now'
Dear Friend, no matter how many fights we get into, just remember that our friendship is tighter than the Jonas Brothers pants.
Sisters are Best Friends god remembered to give you. Best friends are the Sisters they forgot to give you!
A friend will come bail you out jail a true friend will laugh and say u idiot but your best friend will be sitting next to u saying man that was fun!!!
You are the only person I can be myself around. My life seems easier when I'm with you. You listen when I speak, without judging...I love you.
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