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I will always be there for you bestest friend in the whole wide world!!! I luv ya~~~
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Friends say sorry when you cry.Good friends cry with you. Best friends will stand beside you with a shovel ready to bury the dumb ass who DARED do this to you!
A friend will help you up when you fall, a good friend will laugh with you as you get up, a BEST friend will help you up and then trip you again!
when u fight with a best friend, u always end up making up a lil while later... whether it be five min later or a few days
Friends are like walls. The weak ones will eventually let you down. But the strong ones will be there for all eternity. I love my walls!
-with friend: "Er :l this song's annoying!"
well. when u cry, i cry. when u smile, i smile. when you laugh, i laugh. when u fall off a cliff, i laugh even harder and go save Ur stupid butt!(:
I'll be there for you when your sad. I'll hold you up when you can't do it yourself cause we' re friends til the end of time, til the blue of the sky fades.~ <3
I'm an angel at heart. but if you mess with my friend, you'd better RUN!!!
Best Friends...What are they for? Well for one thing they don't take off and go when you feel low, and you both totally heart when you laugh so hard you fart!
What comes around goes around,And my bestie came around at the right time! Love my besties,U kno who u r! If ur one of my besties comment!
When you want to cry... I am your tissue. When you want to laugh... I am your clown. At all times... I am your friend.
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