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Posting wishy-washy, cuddly things on Facebook doesn’t necessarily cut it. If you want to get attention from your friends and contacts, you must post facebook statuses with attitude. Of course, not everyone will agree with or appreciate facebook statuses with an attitude, but they will surely start up a few conversations! Check on this site daily for new facebook statuses with attitude.
You can take me as i am or you can watch me as i go!
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you know that little voice in your head that tells you when to stop? mine died a looooonnnngg time ago :P
is trying to care, they really is, but just can't see it happening any time soon!
Hahahahaha you think I don't know about you? Honey I've been screwed over by better pieces of shit then you! Trust me I stay 2 steps ahead!
We may be friends for a long time but that still doesn't mean that i think your a bitch inside!!
When Men get gray hair, wrinkles & aggressive it's called Distinguished, Character & Assertive. When Women get these things they're Old, Shriveled, Nags. WTF!
I didn't do anything to make you act like an asshole, but you did EVERYTHING to make me act like a bitch!
wait for it wait for it wait for it... yeah I still don't care!
Attitudes are contagious. Mine might kill you
i don't have an attitude problem. You have a problem with my attitude : ) Don't like it get over it Lol
I never said I was perfect...but you can bet your ass I'm worth it!!!
As I got older I thought my attitude was starting to mellow out. Come to find out that the reason was I just didn't give a $hit anymore...
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