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When something angers you, rather than punching a brick wall the better option would be to post pissed off Facebook statuses. Publishing angry statuses lets off steam, plus your pissed off Facebook statuses could generate some valuable activity for you. However, you should avoid overdoing pissed off Facebook statuses as they can make readers equally pissed off with you and lead to you getting "unfriended".
my give a fuck button is fucked pleas use the other button the GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE button thank you
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Someone told me to think before I speak when I'm angry..I punched them in the face. What? I didn't say anything so there was no need to think about it
Fuck Off... I'm living in my own fantasy world and your not invited, your just not special enough to handle my world. ~Ashley Bell~
talk to the hand... if you have any questions --> consult my middle finger
hot an sticky weather causes me to be hot and bitchy ,so keep pushing my fucking buttons and you will find out where all the missing people go
REMEMBER it's mind over matter, I DON'T MIND AND U DON'T MATTER..
acts like a lady,fights like a man..Feelin froggy,leap bitch!!!
Won't play second best to ANYONE or ANYTHING ever. You either TAKE ME or the door is a few steps behind you and don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out.
If you're alright with the way you treat me,then I am alright with the way I treat you.
You know what!? I am tired of your bull shit, please take it somewhere else before i give you a coupon for a free ass whooping courtesy of me..
You watched me cry, you watched me die, and you just stood there, lying to my face. How do you live with yourself?
don't apologize and then add a 'but' to it. It just makes an ass of yourself
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