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When something angers you, rather than punching a brick wall the better option would be to post pissed off Facebook statuses. Publishing angry statuses lets off steam, plus your pissed off Facebook statuses could generate some valuable activity for you. However, you should avoid overdoing pissed off Facebook statuses as they can make readers equally pissed off with you and lead to you getting "unfriended".
my give a fuck button is fucked pleas use the other button the GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE button thank you
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Ever feel like giving someone a love pat - on the head - with a brick? Yep, it's just one of those days!
You pretend you're my friend. But that time has past you immature little bitch :@
now when u tell someone to stop f**kin harassing you f**kin do it because bad things can and will happen NO THREAT THAT'S A PROMISE! SO F**K OFF ALREADY!!!
GIRL:- Yeah Sure. Just Type the name...
karma is like a rubber band, you can only stretch it so far before it comes back & smacks you in the face .that's when i want to be their to laugh in your face
If could switch your ASS with your FACE,it probably wouldn't make a difference, cause they both are full of SH*T!! POWWOW!
when you treat me like shit don't expect me to then rim your arse u are such and idiot
"Whats that Tony?"
fucking males!!! if it wasn't for the pure reason of reproducing we would have killed them off already
pricks(send this to people u don't like.)
just stop it just FUCK OFF and LEAVE ME ALONE do you FUCKING get it? LEAVE ME FUCKING BE so i can forget the BULLSHIT you speak and get FUCKING going!
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