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When something angers you, rather than punching a brick wall the better option would be to post pissed off Facebook statuses. Publishing angry statuses lets off steam, plus your pissed off Facebook statuses could generate some valuable activity for you. However, you should avoid overdoing pissed off Facebook statuses as they can make readers equally pissed off with you and lead to you getting "unfriended".
my give a fuck button is fucked pleas use the other button the GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE button thank you
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hates some people and if you know it's you id advice you to fuck the hell off!
is going to change it up. I will now start treating others the way they have been treating me! Scared?
is having 1 of those days where I'm just so frustrated that I want to rip someones head off & shove it up their arse cuz that's where it seems to be anyways
Fuck OFF - now pass it on
I'm so over fake people... friends, family, it doesn't matter... if you're fake I don't need you in my life.
Its all about the he says she says bullshit I think you better quit Lettin' shit slip
ATTENTION TELEMARKETERS - The "Do Not Call" list is NOT your computer's personal phone book! Call me again and I WILL report your lazy ass. GET A REAL JOB!
Listen very carefully.
the they tells you they never loved you and you are just scum.
f**k O*f!! go mess with someone Else life! first fix your coz its a wreck ! u nob!
Im gonna destroy u, ya know?? obviously not!, sleep with that face u have today, one of this days EVERYONE WILL KNOW WHO U REALLY ARE BIATCH! :D have a Goodnigh
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