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When something angers you, rather than punching a brick wall the better option would be to post pissed off Facebook statuses. Publishing angry statuses lets off steam, plus your pissed off Facebook statuses could generate some valuable activity for you. However, you should avoid overdoing pissed off Facebook statuses as they can make readers equally pissed off with you and lead to you getting "unfriended".
my give a fuck button is fucked pleas use the other button the GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE button thank you
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says do whatever you want to me...but mess with my daughter and you better run for your life because I'm coming after you and hell's coming with me...
why r u trying to break up with me , so you can sit on your ass feeling sorry for yourself ... did i make it easier for you did i ?
While you're trying to spit your game, learn to swallow my rejection.
and what do i get fuck all.
How is it that a man can change your whole mood in the blink of an eye, I just went from happy to pissed off in a matter of seconds !
Revenge is a bitch! so watch your back asshole!
Is thinking we used to be best friends but then u changed and became a bitch I do have other friends and u accusing me of leaving u out aint fair. grow up!! </3
Actions speak louder than words! THANKS, got the message LOUD and CLEAR!
So, today I had the power to fire you as an employee and as a friend. But I didn't do either because I guess I'm a good person... fuck.
If i didn't give a fuck yesterday when you told me;What makes you think I'm going to give a fuck TODAY!
I am such a sweet person if you would just stop pissing me off!!
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