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When something angers you, rather than punching a brick wall the better option would be to post pissed off Facebook statuses. Publishing angry statuses lets off steam, plus your pissed off Facebook statuses could generate some valuable activity for you. However, you should avoid overdoing pissed off Facebook statuses as they can make readers equally pissed off with you and lead to you getting "unfriended".
my give a fuck button is fucked pleas use the other button the GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE button thank you
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It will not be a pretty sight, I promise you!!
I hate two timing people cant stay with one person what ever happened to loving one person and not every one you can stick your dick into.
Why tell a lie when you know there are always ways of finding out the truth. Who to believe, the one who never told you a lie or the one who always lies
Keep pushing me, but don't be surprised when you have pushed me completely away. Once I close that door... It's closed forever..Just sayin'
I've helped you out so many times,
my weak spot is getting tickled on my sides.. no its not its getting smacked in the balls you twat!
Verdammter idiot!
you talk shit & say it without a trace! be a big girl & say it to my face. if you can't walk the walk don't talk the talk cuz fake bitches get outlined in chalk
first fix your coz its a wreck ! u nob!
the more you try to push me down, the stronger I become...just remember I have a degree in "Dealing with Assholes"
I SO hate two faced people.You deserve a slap. Which one shall I slap first the one kissing my arse or the one talking behind my back.YOUR choice. :~
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